Psychologist Cost

With each and every client we see, we strive to facilitate a level of improved self-understanding into their own nature, as well as how they interact with others. Without such insight, change is often temporary, if not altogether elusive. Our main aim is to achieve change that has a long-lasting and sustainable impact on the client’s world and all that surrounds it.


  • For Sessions with Jeff: – $195 for a 50 min session
    (Please contact Jeff directly for speaking engagement fees)
  • For Sessions with Apurva – $175 for a 50 min session (Please note, sessions are $160 when seeing Apurva at our office at 2 Collins Street Melbourne for Collins GP referred clients)
  • For Sessions with Danielle – $160 for a 50 min session (Danielle sees clients at 2 Collins Street Melbourne)
  • For Sessions with Craig – $160 for a 50 min session (Craig sees clients at 2 Collins Street Melbourne)

Coverage options:

Medicare: With a GP referral, Medicare can provide up to 20 sessions in a calendar year. The first referral is for 6 sessions and the second is for 4 sessions. Currently, there is a 2 year trial of an additional 10 sessions following completion of the first 10. The Medicare rebate for sessions with Jeff is $128.40, which we can claim back for you. For Apurva and Danielle, the rebate is $87.45.

Private Health Cover: The session rate is the same, though a GP referral is not needed. You may be able to claim some of this cost back depending on the type of coverage you have.

Private pay: The cost is the same and it may be appropriate for those who do not have Medicare or sufficient private health cover to use their benefits, or for those who have used all of their benefits for the year. Prices can be negotiated for various scenarios (we know that sometimes life happens!)