Treatment available at Melbourne Counselling Centre

The treatments listed below are just a handful of the full range of treatment focused counselling available at Melbourne Counselling Centre. Keep in mind that your challenging problem may not tick any of these boxes and that is 100% fine. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to clearly define the presenting issues you may be suffering from and that is the purpose of the Melbourne Counselling Centre. We are here to help you better understand the symptoms that you are feeling and work together with you on an appropriate treatment plan and path to recovery.

What Melbourne Counselling centre treatments are available

Depression Help
Anger Management
Anxiety & Phobias
The effects of abuse and trauma
Personality Disorders
Parenting problems involving complicated children (excessive defiance, ADHD, Autism

And the problem no one is exempt from…

Existential Angst

The above problem areas represent some of the most referred clinical issues people suffer from, though they are by no means an exhaustive list. Additionally, quite often a client does not necessarily have an actual disorder or diagnosis; rather they may have a few symptoms here or there of something or are just wanting to consult about other things, such as phase of life issues, problems at work, relationship questions, etc. This occurs quite frequently, so don’t hesitate to get into contact if you find this applies to you.