PTSD treatment for Trauma Victims

Melbourne Counselling offers PTSD treatment in the Melbourne CBD. Trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can be a very distressing experience for victims or those who have been victimized by crime or catastrophic events. Symptoms people report are repetitive disturbing images, dreams, or flashbacks. Many people also report irritability, strong startle responses, problems with concentration, and problems with sleep.

Therapy of trauma victims usually consists of slowly talking through the event once the client is comfortable enough to do so. This is paired with anxiety reduction strategies, which prevent the reaction from being overly strong. This type of processing tends to allow the brain to absorb the impact of the trauma to the point where the memory no longer triggers such a strong psychological and physiological reaction. While the memory itself cannot be changed, it no longer contributes to the disturbance it once created in the client’s life. Contact Melbourne Counselling for more details on our PTSD treatment and Therapy for trauma victims.