Treatment for Panic Disorder

Melbourne Counselling offers panic disorder treatment to help you cope with physical complaints, such as hyperventilation, sweating, chest pain, and dizziness.
Panic disorder can even make some cases may even make us feel as though they are about to die. While we all need the anxiety to function as human beings (it can actually help us make decisions and protects us from danger), people with panic symptoms seem to be overly triggered by fearful situations. Some people with panic disorder even suffer when there is may be no apparent trigger insight, or are even awakened by their symptoms in the middle of the night.

Panic Disorder Treatment involves a blend of psychoeducation, relaxation strategies, changing behavioral routines whereby sometimes uncovering deeper and very distorted ways of thinking. Medication may also be warranted in some cases, though a proper consultation with a GP or psychiatrist would be in order to adequately assess that requirement.

At Melbourne Counselling, we can provide you with psychologists who are informed in working with clients who experience panic attacks. Contact us to see how we can address your panic disorder in a supportive and caring environment.