Phobia therapy in Melbourne

Melbourne Counselling offers phobia therapy treatment in Melbourne CBD. Phobias involve significant fear of a particular event, situation, or thing.

The anxiety involved in experiencing a phobia is far above the normal fear one may have about something, such as standing on top of a building, or of donating blood. Often, these fears can lead to panic symptoms or fainting, and almost always lead people to avoid their fears altogether.

There are several categories of phobias, such as:

  • animals
  • the natural environment (heights, storms)
  • needles or other medical procedures

Other reasons one may seek phobia counselling include situational phobias such as:

  • flying
  • enclosed spaces

Phobia Treatment is similar to other treatments for anxiety disorders and involves psychoeducation, relaxation strategies, changing thinking patterns, and gradual exposure to the fears while at the same time learning to stay calm. The phobia treatment psychology technique must be tailored to the comfort level and preparedness of the individual so as to maximize results.